Essay on The Department Of Homeland Security And Its Risk Environment

Essay on The Department Of Homeland Security And Its Risk Environment

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The Department of Homeland Security and its risk environment are
extremely complex and have many moving parts. An effective management system
is imperative for the success of this department. Lives of Americans are some of the
risks that have to be managed. Some of the most pressing categories of risk that are
relevant right now include acts of terrorism, malicious activity in cyberspace,
pandemics, natural disasters, manmade accidents and transactional crime (7, DHS).
It will be interesting to see how the department handles their risk management
strategy to handle such risks to homeland security. I am also going to go through the
principles the department follows in order to help use risk management to protect
the lives of citizens.
Unity of effort, Transparency, and Adaptability, Practicality, and
Customization are the stated principles that the Department of Homeland Security
follows to have the best risk management strategy to help the country. The unity of
effort is a principle that reiterates the importance of teamwork with task of
homeland security. Federal, state, and local governments need to be able to work as
partners and be able to move fluidly so that there is efficiency in the way the
department works.
Transparency is the next principle that is mentioned on the Homeland
Security webpage. Transparency is a little bit tied into the idea of the first principle
by stating that risk management depends on open and direct communications.
Transparency will have a positive effect on the decision making process in the high
pressure and important situations.
Adaptability in designing risk management actions, strategies and processes,
to remain dynamic and responsive to change are key to the success of the
department in their go...

... middle of paper ...

...pect of
the department of homeland security.
Institutional risk is risk that has to do with an organization’s ability to
effectively manage itself. These risks can be considerably harder to identify within
the organization. If something can affect the organization’s ability to organize itself,
recruit, train, support and integrate the organization then it is an institutional risk.
The way that the Department of homeland security seems to try to identify
all of the sources of risk that it can is to breakdown the threats into categories helps
them so that they can effectively handle them on a more distinct basis. You cannot
attempt to achieve the organization’s goal of effective homeland security by
implementing one policy or one answer. Risk management has to be dealt with
throughout the entire organization with teamwork and with practicality in mind to
be successful.

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