Essay on The Dental Procedures Of Dentistry

Essay on The Dental Procedures Of Dentistry

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When I was a sophomore in high school, I was not certain what to do with my life because I just moved to the United States a year ago from South Korea. Fortunately, I met a dentist who was willing to let me shadow him. During my time shadowing, he asked me to perform basic duties, such as peeling an apple with a knife (he insisted that it would help my dexterity) or replacing the rubber bands on his patients ' braces. Performing these tasks was enjoyable because they reminded me of my childhood hobbies such as building miniature cars and robots, which contributed the development of my dexterity with tools. The experience definitely gave me a positive impression of the dentistry as a potential occupation and sparked my interested in it.

During my undergraduate year, I volunteered to work as a dental assistant and was able to observe various dental procedures. Through observation of dental procedures, I grew to love dentistry because it requires dexterity, and my desire to alleviate people 's pain also began to grow as I witnessed patients’ lives improve as they received dental...

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