Democratic State Of The Electoral College Essay

Democratic State Of The Electoral College Essay

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The current system that elects Presidents in the United States, the Electoral College, is in dire need of reform that would update the process to more accurately represent the will of voters. The outdated system that is the Electoral College concentrates its focus particularly on higher populated areas within states that then casts its Electoral votes to only one Presidential candidate. Despite multiple attempts by federal and state governments to change the process, only two states, Maine and Nebraska, implore a district voting system that tallies votes within a respective district and then awards its Electoral votes to a Presidential candidate regardless of how other districts within the state have voted. The Electoral College, and in particular, its use of the popular vote, should be amended to accurately reflect district voting by having Electoral voters vote based on the popular vote within that district rather than the popular vote within the state.
The institution of the Electoral College has largely ignored proposed amendments and the over 200 Congressional proposals to update a system that elects the highest office in the land. Despite the need for an amendment, states can usurp this process by voting to change the manner in which their Electoral votes are apportioned. As author David Wagner (2006) stated in his piece The Forgotten Avenue of Reform: The Role of States in Electoral College Reform and the Use of Ballot Initiatives to Effect that Change, there have been multiple efforts and proposals throughout the history of the Electoral College to either completely overhaul or amend the system. Even within the first hundred years of the Electoral College there were over two hundred bids by Congress to change or overhaul ...

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...ansformed into a more complete and representative institution that elects the Commander-In-Chief of the United States. The cracks in the system showed as early as the Election of 1800 and as recently as 2000. Despite having over 200 Congressional proposals (Wagner, 2006) and seven states (Aldrich, Reifler, & Munger, 2014) having proposed to amend the division of Electoral votes within districts, changes to the system are still needed. Representative of the changes needed are the states of Maine and Nebraska that implore the district voting system and have created a dynamic that ensures each district within their respective states will be viewed in the same manner that the nucleus of the state will be counted. Amending the Electoral College to this system truly returns the United States to a representative democratic system where every vote is held in the same esteem.

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