Democratic Government And The Government Essay

Democratic Government And The Government Essay

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In theory, a democratic government should have the people be in charge. Here, the citizens have the authority to decide who is a government official by an electoral process. They also have the ability to vote an elected representative out of office if they believe he or she is not fulfilling his duties. ( The democratic government holds true to its definition in practice. In democratic countries, such as the United States, formal elections are held every few years in which the citizens have the ability to vote on the president, representatives, and social and economic issues. ( Governments who rule over citizens count for the majority of the major political systems. In theory, all totalitarian governments rule over its citizens, including communist and fascist governments. Communist governments explicitly claim ownership to all goods and resources of its country and then follow to distribute it. ( Fascism not only claims ownership of goods, but also claims ownership of its citizens for the sake of nationalism. ( Communism and fascism have complete control over the people both in theory and in practice. Both systems of government are autocratic and maintain complete control of their people and the economy of the country. These two forms of government ensure every citizen is equal, but poorer citizens are oppressed and left without hope to progress. ( In theory, communism ...

... middle of paper ... lower the greatness of a democratic government, due to the fact that many wealthy candidates only seek a place of power. The tensions between the political parties also bring legislative sessions and laws to a stop, sometimes shutting the government system down for weeks at a time. ( Regardless, compared to the other political systems, democracy proves to be the most stable. For example, despite other countries’ tumultuous political histories, the United States’ upper most government has proven to be stable and efficient during times of war and recession. Because democracy upholds true republican principals, it is the form of government that is most respected and desired throughout the world. (

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