Democracy And Its Impact On Democracy Essay

Democracy And Its Impact On Democracy Essay

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Democracy is robust, widely accepted and highly anticipated around the world. It is the triumphant form of government; dominantly used in Europe, North and South and America and becoming reformed and taking new roots in Africa and Asia. Although the term democracy is based on its Greek origin, demos kratos, meaning people rule, the term cannot be simply understood as such. Due to vast coverage, the adaptation of democracy has varied greatly, whether regionally, nationally, by state or through different branches of government. Perhaps this can be advantageous when the different categorizations listed above can use democracy to rule and suit themselves best, but other factors, such as globalization and neoliberalism, has caused the need for an integrated view of what the perfect democracy should reflect. Swift explains this as strong democracy and further endeavors into the concept by contrasting it with weak democracy. He suggests that in order to solve the political crisis of the prevailing dissatisfaction of democracy, individuals should fully and actively participate in decision making of the economy and the distribution of power should be reformed.
Swift showcases weak democracy by elaborating on many key areas of what is wrong with modern day politics; he mentioned frustrated voters, a professional, self-serving, elite, political class, crooked politicians, economic dependent politicians and centralization of power. More so, he provided facts to show how bittersweet people feel about democracy. “A multi-country survey showed a growing belief that democracy was the best form of government but less support for the idea that it is a good form of government.” (Swift 23) People agree with its “fundamental premise; the importance...

... middle of paper ... how more control from below will definitely fix the dissatisfaction that people have with democracy. This also relates to each society finding its strengths in its own traditions to shape a sense of representation based on its own needs rather than simply importing the Western model of a weak democracy. (Swift 115) Likewise, a rich variety of representation in our housing co-ops, workplaces, neighborhoods, schools and universities, regional planning boards or environmental advisory committees will allow democracy to no longer feel like something remote and monopolized by a few representatives, but part of everyday life. Swift 's argument is very compelling, and his model of strong and weak democracy is accurate. Like Swift says, a perfect democracy is impossible but his suggestions can be key in striving to reach the 'constant horizon ' that democracy should be.

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