The Demand And Advancement Of Electronic Devices Essay

The Demand And Advancement Of Electronic Devices Essay

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The demand and advancement of electronic devices have been growing rapidly within the past few years and the development for new and improved interconnection technologies is essential to fuel its continuous progression for higher performance, reliability and cost reduction 1–3. The prevalent interconnect technology has been traditionally based on tin/lead and other metals, but recently, lead-based interconnecting materials have been deemed a major concern for the environment due to its toxicity 4–7. As such, many works have been dedicated to finding friendlier alternatives that can one day replace lead-based solders, explaining the popularity behind the investigation of electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs) as its alternative 4–9. ECAs offer various advantages besides environmental friendliness; in specific, it offers finer pitch, lower processing temperatures, fewer processing steps, and flexibility 4,5,10,11. These alternatives to traditional lead-based solder can encompass multi-layered printed circuits, thin-film transistors, transparent conductive coatings, solar cells, flexible electronics, displays such as LCD/LED/OLED and other various chip attachment techniques 5,11,12. ECAs are primarily comprised of two components: the first being a polymeric matrix, typically in the form of a thermoset such as epoxy resin thanks to its excellent thermal and mechanical stability, adhesion and cost, while the second component is a conductive filler that is usually in the form of silver flakes due to its thermal and electrical conductivities exhibited at room temperature, as well as the conductive nature of its oxide 4,5,7,9,10. However, there are still many disadvantages to ECAs that must be conquered before fully replacing lead-based...

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...tional ECA, or at least reduce the silver content required to make it functional. In specific, this work will explore the electrical conductivity of a hybrid ECA that uses PEDOT:PSS as its co-filler, as well as investigate how adding increasing amounts of PEDOT:PSS will affect the mechanical properties (in this case, adhesion strength by means of evaluating shear strength). To the knowledge of the author, no work regarding the use of PEDOT:PSS in composite systems for the sake of improving electrical conductivity has been undertaken, as most current work utilizes PEDOT:PSS as a film for varying applications rather than a solution-based component. Therefore, this work will be primarily act as a preliminary study to determine its feasibility as a solution-based co-filler in hopes of opening a new avenue for modifying and improving the performance of conventional ECAS.

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