Defining Ownership of Ones Body Essay

Defining Ownership of Ones Body Essay

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Before one can answer the question of “Who Owns the Body?” it must be defined what the body is. The spiritual route of defining the body is to encompass the “soul” or “spirit” inside of the body. This is a deeper form of ownership in that an individual’s integral being is controlled as opposed to simply their physical form. Merriam-Webster defines the body as “a person's or animal's whole physical self” (Merriam-Webster). The physical form of the body is a factual, concrete definition of the body, giving it more merit in society, and in law institutions.
There have been several court cases that have dealt with the issue of body ownership. Court cases are the main component to the history of this topic. Some cases pertaining to this question include Roe v. Wade, Mohr v. Williams, and Moore v. Regents of the University of California. These cases debate an individual’s right to his physical body from a medical standpoint.
1937’s Roe v. Wade is a landmark case centered around Norma L. McCorvey (Roe). According to Lawnix Criminal Case index Roe “brought a class action suit challenging the constitutionality of the Texas abortion laws” (Roe). The issue was whether abortion laws were constitutional if they only outlawed all abortions except those that endangered the life of the mother, out-casting Roe who wanted an abortion without cause. This case pertains to the question of ownership of the body because it asks if the individual, Roe, has the right to do what she wishes with her body and abort her pregnancy, or if the government has ownership in saying that she cannot. The conclusion of this case was that Roe in fact constitutionally had rights to her own body. “The Court held that, in regard to abortions during the first trimester, t...

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