The Decline Of The 19th Century Essay

The Decline Of The 19th Century Essay

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1. - The population of Europe declined by around 1/3 (like 27-33%) and most of which was the peasantry. This lack of peasantry didn 't mean that the work they had to do was also diminished. They still had to do all the work, only with less numbers. This increased amount of labor lead to unrest in the societies in the medieval era. They demanded a type of increased wage, or allowance of food/ration, and eventually gained some ground, which led a sort of Yeoman class, (emerging lower class) in England, and the bourgeoisie, for example, in France.
As a result of the Plague, the French went over to a system of paid, professional, army, something the English had been doing for a long time. Coming at a time when taxes were lower than previously, this led to smaller armies.
The post-Plague world was one of vastly increased opportunity for inventive and capable individuals. While the Black Death killed off medieval society, it gave birth to the beginnings of our own industrialized consumer society.
3. - The black dead seems to have shown all those that witnesses it and grew up in just how fast things can go wrong. It served to open people eyes to the harsh world in which they inhabit. “Are characterized by intense observation of the real world” (p.362) everyone knows they will die, but the Black Death really showed us how sudden and drastic it can be. In poetry of this time writers began writing in a natural dialect to their populations. “We have noted that vernacular languages were becoming powerful vehicles for poetry” (p.362) Painting also made leaps in bounds with the use of oil paints allowing artists even more time to work and make fine adjustments. “Oil paints were a revolutionary development: because they do not dry as quickly as...

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...itness for a life of bandage”. (p.413) after that it became a “status symbol; it became fashionable to have African foot-men, page boys, and ladies’ maids”. (p.414) Just as in Rome “The luxurious life-style of the wealthy meant that dozens of slaves in every household were trapped in a cycle of menial task, as door-keepers, litter-bearers, couriers, valets, wet-nurses, and child-minders”. (p.158) Going back even farther to Aristotle time and his justification “For that some should rule and others be ruled is a thing not only necessary, but expedient; from the hour of their birth, some are marked out for subjection, others for rule…” (p.120).This idea could really help and justify the right to have slaves in the 15th century. Saying that some were “marked” for subjection since birth could be interpreted to say those that look different are marked and can be subjected.

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