The Decline Of The American Economy Essay

The Decline Of The American Economy Essay

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After the First World War, the American economy did very well. There were a lot of jobs and many new technologies were invented during that time. In the 1920s, there was a major rise of consumer for new products. During this time, people bought product not because of their need “but for convince and pleasure” (p. 538). The major consumer at this time was the middle class. The rise of consumerism still continues to today.
Most of the consumers were women. In the 1920s, women started to more freedom then they did before. Woman started to involve more in the society. They started to go college and get their education. There was a decrease of housewife because women did want to get marry. They felt if they get marry, than they did not have the time to get involve in society because they will had to stay home to take care of the children and the house. Women started to working and earing income, which they can spend the money how they wanted without anyone restrict them. Many working-class women wanted to show that they are independent, and they did not need support form anyone else. One the way working-class women show their independent was through consumerism. They would buy thing that not necessary for their need, but it show people they had money and they work for it. Due the rise of female consumers, many companies started to create product just for women.
The most well know working-class women were the flappers. The flappers were the party girls at that time. They had “short hair and cap pulled down over the forehead” (p.543). They were very popular because they were very out going. During this time, there were still a high number of housewives, and they did not get to go out much because they had to stay home to care the childre...

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...d item alone “rose 0.9 percent in March, the most since August since 2009” (p.1). The reason is people buy new product because they like not that they needed. People would buy a new product because the one they have to too old and it not working well as it use to be, or they see a newer product with new technologies and it can perform better. Advertisements are still a big marketing technique for consumers to know the their products. Companies spend billion of dollars every year on advertisements. Now, every television shows or any websites have advertisement on it. With the help of Internet people can buy things without go to the store. Many wed site like Amazon or eBay not help consumers look for the products around the world. With technologies getting more advance it help consumers to get to the product faster; therefore, the consumerism is not going to decrease.

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