Declaration Of Independence : Freedom And Independence Essay

Declaration Of Independence : Freedom And Independence Essay

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Declaring Independence
Mankind cherishes freedom and independence despite the price he has pay to obtain them. When one thinks about the value and meaning of life, it becomes clear that freedom is an essential element in making the most out of the one life each individual is given. Even though people approach life differently, what is life with no will and power over one’s existence? This is the same issue that led to the American Revolution, with patriots (40%) seeking liberty and loyalists (20%) choosing loyalty to the British crown. Accordingly, patriots believe that every man is entitled to several unalienable natural rights which England seems to oppress, while loyalists claim that their association with the British has benefited them greatly, that they think it is logical to stick with a governance they are accustomed to. Was declaring independence from England necessary and inevitable or could the patriots have just gone along with the British government and retained the unity? In my opinion, declaring independence was necessary, a point Richard H. Lee made when stating “It is not choice then, but necessity that calls for independence as the only means by which foreign Alliances can be obtained…” (Richard Lee, 1776) It was necessary because (1) patriots were too infected with the idea of liberty and self-governance, (2) they were dissatisfied with the king’s incompetency to fulfill the desire of the ruled, and (3) taxation without representation hindered them from getting involved in governance. These three factors are clearly stated and implied in the Declaration of Independence, Common Sense, and several primary sources.
Out of the numerous issues that led to the American Revolution, taxation without representation – virt...

... middle of paper ..., to form a constitution of our own in a cool deliberate manner, while we have it in our power, than to trust such an interesting event to time and chance.” (Paine 108) This quote portrays not only their desire to declare independence but also to do it immediately, overcoming procrastination. The sense of urgency this statement embodies proves not only the necessity but also inevitability of the declaration of independence. Can you imagine living without the basic rights granted to every man: right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness? This is what claiming the independence was unnecessary represents.
Declaration of independence during the second half of the eighteenth century remarked the moral civility of the patriots. They evaluated the costs and benefits of pursuing independence, and opposed the loyalists’ desire to stick with the crown.

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