The Debate Over Same Sex Adoptions Essay

The Debate Over Same Sex Adoptions Essay

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In recent headlines, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has legalized same-sex marriage across all fifty states. As presumed, the court’s decision has erupted a sea of concerns regarding the implications of the Supreme Court’s ruling. The push for equal marriage rights from the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual) community has many wondering if their movement for social equality includes a motion for child rearing rights. Although adoption by a single LGBT individual is not illegal in any of the fifty states, certain states prohibit the joint adoption or second-parent adoption of a child by a same-sex couple. Many same-sex couples face obstacles when petitioning to adopt due to a difference in moral values between the adoptive parents, the adoption agency, and/or the laws of the governing state, which the couple resides in. The controversy over same-sex adoptions has been brewing for some time, conflicting moral guidelines being the driving force of the dispute.
Like many controversial topics, there are those who agree with same-sex adoptions and those who disagree. Advocates for same-sex adoptions argue that many homosexual couples offer adoptive children a secure and loving home with little emotional instability. Others contend that children raised by two homosexual parents with legal rights over the child could avoid social and economic disadvantages (Desai). Contrary to what others may think, according to children of LGBT parents, being raised by social outcasts provided them with a “loving, nurturing, and supportive family” (Nichols). Those who agree with the petition for same-sex adoption support such claims by adding that an emotionally stable home with a “family” regardless of sexual preference is bette...

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...Hasty generalizations and false assumptions support the claims of opponents for same-sex adoption. According to public information, the premises stated can very well apply to unfit heterosexual parents, not just homosexual couples. To clarify, children are bullied on a daily basis for numerous reasons (not just because of the sexual orientation of their parents). Many children with heterosexual parents suffer from social, sexual, and personality disorders, and are subjected to violence and judgement. Supporters of the anti-gay adoption movement fail to understand that traditional families are no longer the norm, non-traditional families being the new normal. The debate on same-sex adoptions arises through matters of conviction, violating the constitutional rights of minority groups causing society to enter a downward spiral that will escalate to unfathomable measures.

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