The Debate Over Multitasking and the Effects on Students Ability to Learn

The Debate Over Multitasking and the Effects on Students Ability to Learn

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In a school environment being able to multitask is a very important skill that all students most obtain. The term multitasking is being able to do two things at once, and be successful at it that will benefit any college student. Often students will procrastinate papers, and other assignments to the last minute; that may include projects, homework, and papers. When college students are trying to balance a job, school work, and maintain a social life. The skill to multitask will assist balance any new or old college student, and will develop over time. A few points to consider of the argument about multitasking would include the effect on students’ lives, and learning environment.
One could ask any older or younger college student about to skill to multitask. The skill has been passed down from generation to help or hurt some college goers. In past generation some students had the ability to multitask better because of the far superior pressures of schools. It can make some students become overwhelmed with the pressure to do many affairs at once. The pressure to do well can make college very difficult, and challenging. The actually meaning of multitasking is being able to do one task, and successful complete a second one at the same time. When learning to first multitask it will involve intensive practice, and a will not to give up. When not giving up on the skill of multitasking it will create a feeling of confident in your schoolwork. Also with students working to complete their degree, they will have to maintain control of school, projects, and classes. After the completion of college the skill to multitask doesn’t go away. The skill is something one continues to improve on, and shape a better understanding of it. The underst...

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...ecting students learning at a college level is the teachers. The teachers may bring some effect on the students life to which can make multitasking a challenge. The students as a whole will have to learn each teacher’s way of presenting classwork, and assignments. The learning styles of each teacher will help the students be more prepared in forthcoming classes.
In conclusion, what is multitasking and does it help or damage learning. The information presented above brings up two sides to the report behind multitasking, and its effects. Some points to consider in the case of multitasking pressures, students as a whole, and the effort put into the work.

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