The Debate Over Democracy And Politics Essay

The Debate Over Democracy And Politics Essay

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The debate over democracy began at the time of our nation’s founding and still strongly exists among today’s society. With the rapid development of technology and social media, American politics have become a complete mess as it is being displayed in our current presidential election. Almost everyone in America believes in democracy, however, Americans possess many different beliefs regarding how far democracy should extend into political, social, and economical life. One of the fundamental arguments that exist among political scientists is the idea of popular democracy versus elite democracy. Elite democrats hold the belief that democracy is a valuable method for selecting our government officials, yet they are cynical about the political capacities and interest of ordinary citizens. Popular democrats view elite democrats as egocentric and believe that ordinary citizens are capable of being involved in making important political decisions. John Mueller is a follower of the elite democratic perspective of the Federalists compared to Paul Loeb who represents the popular democratic perspective of the Anti-federalists. After evaluating the debate between Mueller and Loeb, I strongly agree with Mueller’s outlook of an elite democracy. I agree with the idea of an elite democracy because ordinary American citizens do not have the time needed to focus on politics, very important decisions should be left to those with experience and expertise, and it is the only realistic outlook for modern society.
In Mueller’s argument he attacks what he considers to be the romantic and unrealistic foundation of democracy presented by the popular democrats. Mueller believes that a democracy consists of a political system that prevents violence and allo...

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...adults, we have to work hard for a good living and should let the elite officials do their duty and fix our economy.
It is merely impossible to satisfy everyone and there is no such thing as a “perfect democracy”, yet I strongly believe that an elite democracy is the most effective way of governing our nation. An elite democracy would relieve ordinary citizens of making important political decisions by leaving it up to an experienced group of officials. The debate over democracy will most likely never come to an end because it is a part of our everyday life as US citizens. The time has come to abandon the outdated ideas of a popular democracy and form an elite democracy because it is more suitable for modern society. Americans are already overwhelmed with stress and making important political decisions is not something the average citizen should have to worry about.

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