Essay on The Death Penalty Is A Man

Essay on The Death Penalty Is A Man

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Rainey Bethea was a hardly a man, but a monster. He was a rapist, thief, and murderer. Bethea broke into the home of an innocent old woman. He proceeded to brutally strangle her, rape her fragile body until she took her last breaths. After the gruesome act he advanced into the home and seized the possessions that were most dear to her. He left the home without batting an eye. Shortly, after being arrested with the crime Bethea admitted to the allegations. He was summoned to the gallows in Owensboro, Kentucky. The hanging of Bethea was a well-known case of 1936. He was the last person to be publicly executed in the United States. Although not conducted publicly, today thirty-one states have the death penalty. The methods range from firing squad, electrocution, hanging, and the most common used method lethal injection. Many states have reinstated the death penalty after years of ridding it. Often it is brought in and out of the poles. The death penalty is a highly controversial topic that has been debated throughout time. Many people believe it is cruel and does not deter crime. Although opponents of capital punishment believe it to be inhuman, supporters of judicial murder have proven this to be a cost effective, and prevent further atrocities.
The death penalty is never enforced for petty crime. The criminals facing the death penalty are beyond any point of habilitation. These are individuals that have committed a crime so appalling, they can never be accepted as one of society. Crimes that would be eligible for the death penalty mostly include forms of murder that are caused by rape, kidnapping, robbery and other serious crime such as espionage and treason. There are forty-one capital offenses in the United States.
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... expensive is the years of appeals the condemned is allowed to make. However, a prisoner who is sentenced to life can also make the same amount of appeals, and sometimes even more. Plus after the ten to fourteen years the prisoner is on death row, all expenses such as food are diminished. A prisoner who has life will continue to cost a prison money until they pass away, and most of the time they also have to get medical care which is more money the prison system and tax payers have to spend.
Why should a ferocious man such as Rainey Bethea, John Gracy or any of criminal sentenced to death be able to walk? These types of people are lepers of our society and should be eradicated. No man or woman should have that privilege to live amongst good people. The death penalty has been around for centuries. It is a way to deter crime, save money, and ensure society’s safety.

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