Essay on The Death Of The Palace

Essay on The Death Of The Palace

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Much smaller then the large battlefields that the king, her brother and her husband had seen and practically lived on. Odette had spent all her life, within the confinds of the palace. As a young girl she had spent her time between learning and following around her brothers. At a very young age, too young to even remember that much about it she had followed Vasilios, doing so had always been dangerous and very hard for her, he had, had a great deal of years on her and had always been a strong and willful boy. However he had been plucked away while she was still a child, tossed onto the war zone with their father, despite being his heir. When that happened Odette found herself with only her younger brother Artemio to be her friend and instead took to shadowing him.

As she grew older she began to be groomed for when she would become Queen. Whilst she remained close to Artemio she no longer had the time to follow him around. Not only had she grown more busy but Atemio, the only Devou man in the castle when Vasilios and the king were off at war had aswell. As such both Odette and Artemio 's lives were plagued by learning and responsibility but their closeness, whilst lessoned still remained.

Whilst Odette had been a awkward child, thin and reedy with dark hair and pale skin and freckles that seemingly came from neither The king Tiberias or Queen Adronika. Her blossoming from childhood to adulthood however seemed to fix most of these 'problems ', she filled out into a lean and delicate woman which fit her destiny as future queen and The Queen Adronika had trained her well to hold herself with poise, beauty and integrity. Odette was no longer the awkward, shy child she had use to be, at least not completely.

What she was now days wa...

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... father had always hated it, deeming it highly impractical but Odette was stubborn about the black, silky strands that now kissed the top of her backside and swung and swayed when she spoke. Her dress was blue and mostly loose on her, tightened with beautifully golden ties that cinched it to her waist and body. Past her waist her large skirt billowed out and hid just how lean she still was. She was shorter then Vasilios, shorter then even Artemio and had been so for a while now. It was hard to deny that Odette was lovely or at very least lovelier each time her husband saw her, having missed most of her true blossoming as 'queen ' it had been a hard time but it had taught her a lot.

Then she looked over her shoulder and waved Artemio over in a somewhat bossy fashion. Having said her greetings to her brother-husband, she now had absolutely no idea what to say to him.

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