Essay about Death Is The End Of One 's Life

Essay about Death Is The End Of One 's Life

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Death is the end of one’s life. Death cannot be predicted or prevented. There are many different causes of death. People die from chronic diseases, world disasters, unexpected tragedies, etc. To me death is losing someone you know, care about, love, have feelings for, etc. Death to me is losing someone period. Death to me is scary, sad, emotional and hard. In this paper, I will discuss my experiences I have had with death.
In May of this year (2016), I lost my grandmother. She died of stomach cancer. My relationship with her was distant. I say distant because growing up my parents did not teach me the importance of family. Growing up we did not attend family functions. My family was always the outcast. As I grew up and was able to take myself to family functions, my brothers, sister and I, still felt as an outcast because we were never around when we were younger. Other than family functions, I would call my grandmother once in a while and visit her only a couple of times a year. As her death became closer, I tried to make up for lost time, but was shoed away from other family members for not being around like I should have. I love my grandmother and still think about her every single day. My father was truly hurt by the death of his mother due to the relationship they did not have. My grandmother donated her body to science and had a written will to distribute her assets. My family held a memorial service for her in August which my parents, brothers, sister or myself were not invited to due to the relationship we did not have with my grandmother. I am truly saddened by the death of my grandmother.
In 2011, my senior year of high school, I lost a friend. He was also in his senior year of high school. Unfortunately, his senio...

... middle of paper ... be put down by the vet. I remember going with my grandmother and being so sad. When they gave Max the needle, he seemed as if he knew what was going on and looked at us so sad. Afterwards, when we went home to see my grandfather, he cried. I know it affected him because he never cries. Still to this day, my grandparents will say there is no dog like Max.
Death is devastating. I cannot imagine losing the people in my life today. I cannot imagine being taken away from the people in my life. I still have both of my parents, my grandparents on my mom’s side, all of my siblings, a niece and my own family. I have a 9 month of son and I am in the process of adopting an 8 year old girl. I have friends who mean just as much. I love my family and friends and cannot imagine being without them. Death scares me and I find myself being so nervous of losing someone I love.

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