Death And The Funeral Industry Essay

Death And The Funeral Industry Essay

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Death is something that no one wants to go through or have to deal with, especially concerning the loss of loved ones. Unfortunately, it is not possible to go through life without experiencing this loss. Throughout the past several decades, the way that we view death and the funeral industry has changed significantly. Recently, it has seemed much more apparent that funeral industries are using death as a means of getting rich. But why?
To the public, most individuals are probably aware that the cost of funerals and death-related expenses are rising, but are unsure of why. I believe that funeral costs are rising because they know that if individuals have the money to spend on funerals they will. It is their way of showing their respect for that individual one last time and they do not want to be remembered as being disrespectful. I think that unfortunately, there are some individuals in the funeral industry out there that use the time of people’s grief and sadness as a manipulative tool to spend more on items or services that they may not have even wanted. It can be easy to manipulate individuals who are not thinking clearly into doing things that they may not normally have done. Another reason that costs are rising in terms of funeral costs is that more and more options are becoming available, and individuals would like to have the funeral and casket/urn look nice (Lensing, 2016). As a way to counter this, it is now stated by law that funeral homes must provide a detailed cost sheet so that families know how much they are paying, and exactly what they are paying for (Funeral Resource Guide, 2011). This guide is incredibly beneficial to families as it keeps unexpected costs from arising, and also allows families to shop around for ...

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... to provide an itemized list of costs is incredibly beneficial to individuals, especially if they are on a strict budget, as this allows them to pick and choose what is most important to them and their beliefs that they have included in their funerary practices (Sanders, 2016). This can provide a sense of relief to the individuals who are planning the funeral, as it is less likely that they will receive a bill that does not make sense to them in terms of cost versus what they received.
Death has become a profitable industry in recent years, and for better or worse, that does not look like it is changing anytime soon. This industry has affected both the families and other survivors of the deceased, but also their grieving process. Changes are being attempted to be put into place, but these changes could take years to take hold if these changes even take hold at all.

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