Essay about The Death And Life Of Charlie St. Cloud

Essay about The Death And Life Of Charlie St. Cloud

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Ben Sherwood’s piece titled Charlie St. Cloud originally published as “The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud” explains about his brother’s death. Charlie’s brother, Sam, was killed in a car accident, blaming himself for the incident. Charlie begins to work in the graveyard to take care of his brother and feels connected. In the novel, it states that Charlie is about to see his brother in spirit to play ball with him every day. Thirteen years after Sam’s death, Charlie meets a girl named Tess Carroll, helps him to comp with the lost his brother. He learns to experience his life now that Tess appears giving him hope and joy after many years of doubt. Tess makes an impact in Charlie’s life which no one has been able to accomplish. The use of “loss” in Charlie St. Cloud illustrates the character’s difficulty to cope with seen throughout the novel.
The author, Ben Sherwood, incorporated several literary devices in the novel. It helped to understand the concept of the title Charlie St. Cloud since it primary focuses on one main character. The literary devices that are seen throughout the novel is personification, imagery, and simile. “This book used imagery to create a picture of the scene in the readers mind and have a lasting image. Sherwood used several literary devices throughout the book which made the book more interesting and enjoyable” (“Charlie St. Cloud”). An example of imagery is “The kid threw his ball and the beagle took off after it” which is listed throughout the novel for the readers to comprehend (Sherwood 153). Indeed, the author was focusing on the second chance Charlie St. Cloud had of surviving the tragic accident thirteen years ago. In reference to the original published “The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud...

... middle of paper ... each event in detail. In retail, all the characters were involved in changing Charlie’s perspective helped the author’s expectations of delivering this novel. The arguments listed evaluates the literary critiques about the Charlie’s growth who was given a second chance to live. Although, he dwells with the death of Sam, for thirteen years, Tess was helpful. He learns to let go of the past and reclaim his new life with Tess starting the relationship again. The author evaluated the scenes making a dramatic change towards the end of the novel for Charlie’s life. Sherwood, continues the novel with the life between Charlie and Tess informing the reader of the characters progress. Ben Sherwood stated at the end of a tragic and romantic story is “That’s death and life, you see. We all shine on. You just have to release your hearts, alert your senses, and pay attention.”

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