Essay on The Day to Day Operations of Public Relations

Essay on The Day to Day Operations of Public Relations

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There are many different theories in the public relations field. This paper will discuss the day to day operations of public relations (PR). This will be followed by discussing each theory in depth. This will include the different types of PR followed by how each theory correlates with these day to day operations. PR is a varied field with many different components that have lasting effects on the company that they work for. The definition of PR practitioner according to “This is PR” is “the intermediary between an organization and all of its publics.”
There are many functions to PR that need to be understood before going into the job itself. A public relations practitioner’s role is a service oriented job that must stay truthful and put the public’s interest first. It’s important that they are effective communicators since they are the go between for companies and the public. They need to understand the public, doing so involves understanding psychology, sociology, and communication. The one thing the PR practitioner should be measured by is their ethical performance.
The role of PR involves many different activities as well. Most people think of PR as just the person that speaks to the media but that is only a small portion. They are also involved in marketing, merchandising, graphics, advertising, and research. Research is considered the foundation of what PR is all about. It’s important to know all you can about the public before any of the other functions can take place. With these activates come the three basic roles of PR. These roles include; staff members who are part of the organization they represent, firm/agency who may hold another title in the firm, and the independent practitioner who work outside the company and ...

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... that information is presented. You could see the same commercial for the BP oil spill one that is done by PETA the other by BP. The message in the PETA commercial would show BP as heartless not caring about what they had done. The same commercial could show how even though they made a mistake they will do everything in their power to correct it. This is done by PR practitioners to show the public information how they need it to be seen. The message is presented in a way to make the public feel a certain way to gain favor or trust.
There are many other theories that are used in the day-to-day operations of PR. These were the ones I felt showed the wide range of the PR field itself. PR is a field that takes a lot of time, people skills, communication skills, and knowledge. This is a career that isn’t one that can be learned in a class room but taught by experience.

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