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Tuesday. It’s lunch time and it’s Drew favorite day of the week because they’re serving pizza. His favorite, but also his worse enemy. One thing that Drew’s mother told him when he was just a young boy was that he is lactose, and he would need to either stay away from milk and cheese or limit his intake dramatically. It 's Tuesday 12:05pm, it’s a loud day, the lunch bell rings, and the kids start to go crazy over the fact lunch is now being served and they could finally take a break from class. Tuesday’s lunch consists of cheese pizza with something of what is supposed to look like mixed vegetables on the side of the plate and a carton of white/chocolate milk. As the lunch lines become crowded because of everyone running to the lines, and pushing the kids in front of them to move up closer, so they can get their lunch faster. Table 4 is called and Drew is so excited knowing that they are serving cheese pizza, it 's pizza. Now, Drew is lactose and intolerance, and but Drew is hungry so he has no choice but to grab lunch and eat what the lunch ladies made. Watch his limit, his mother reminded him.
Being lactose and intolerance means you have the inability to digest sugars, lactose, in dairy products. But Drew wanted to be a daredevil and break the rules, so he goes up for seconds. While eating two slices is enough, Drew takes his friend Cameron’s pizza slice. After practically swallowing the pizza slices, Drew at last feels full. However, Drew is lactose and thirty minutes later Drew starts to get a weird fuzzy feeling in his stomach. Drinking the carton white milk and eating three pizza slices in a heartbeat, a trip to the bathroom was going to profoundly change the decision he just made. He began to feel pain in his lower abd...

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...or decreasing?
In conclusion, Passel and Cohn goals throughout the article were to analyze the occupations of unauthorized immigrants and compare dramatically with US-born workers and note the differences. I believe, the unauthorized immigrants are not getting enough credit as much as they deserve. The unauthorized immigrants lead all categories in major occupation groups than the US-born, they also lead all categories with high shares of occupations, making US look lazy and ignorant. Both US-born workers and unauthorized immigrants should be fairly divided and not create differences. There is a lot of work to be done to either make the unauthorized immigrants citizens for the work they apply or demand more US born workers to do work similar to the immigrants. They are not separate and they are not equal, and if that is the case, then the system is truly broken.

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