Essay on The Day Of The Service

Essay on The Day Of The Service

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The moment we stepped into the Temple we felt out of place. The attire that we had worn could have been more sophisticated. Every child man and woman there was wearing either a suit or a dress for the service that was about to occur. So waiting outside the service until it began felt a little awkward just by formalities alone we had been wearing a polo shirt with some kakis. Once the service was about to begin, which encompassed a rite of naming to occur and a bat mitzvah for two female twins, we got a copy of a Shabbat prayer book and a copy of the Torah which was in English and in Hebrew. The Shabbat prayer book included songs and responses which was the participatory part of the service.
As I walked into the Temple itself we felt a welcoming factor and everyone felt like a community there no longer was us the students from Xavier High School visiting a different place of worship for a project. We felt in unity with the other members of the people who were waiting for the service to begin. One aspect of the service that caught my eye before the service began was that a woman was a rabbi and really the service was being run by two women one of which was the singer. A woman as a rabbi was a very refreshing part of the service since in the Catholic and Christian form of Mass the pastor is always a male who interprets the bible for us. The woman being a rabbi also gave proof to the fact that the Temple and religion of it was Reform Judaism. Before, delving into the readings within the service, the music and singing of the service felt much livelier than that of any regular Christian Church and it really fueled the service by making it more communal and expressive. The songs that were sung from the Shabbat prayer book were in Hebr...

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... up and read the same portion of Hebrew as the other aunts and uncles. The second sister then received a similar blessing from her parents.
After the reading of the Torah the scrolls were put back into the gate. The twins are then given gifts from the Temple for their hard work during the bat mitzvah. The twins next had to read a piece of their own writing about a volunteer service that both did which involved recording audiobooks for children who cannot read. After the reading of both twins they were each given a piece of challah and were given a cup of wine to drink from. As a whole we think that the twins had to do a profound amount of work during the bat mitzvah form the reading of the Torah to their own volunteer service. Compared to that of communion we think that the bat mitzvah develops a person more and prepares them better for involvement in their faith.

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