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The Day Of The Fire Essay

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After an about an hour, 23 must have decided Fanna was properly prepared and they rejoined Jayna near the fire.
23 spoke first, “Goddess, I won 't pretend to know, what you already know and what you do not, so we don 't know what we need to tell you.”
Jayna had always been a smart girl and she decided it was time she showed it.
“Speak to me as you would any other, just because I may already know it, doesn 't mean it should be left unspoken. There is great power in words 23, you should know that better than anyone.”
“Forgive me Goddess, who should speak them, Fanna or I?”
“Whose words are they?”
23 nodded his head and stepped back as Fanna stepped forward.
“Goddess, I left the city of Minos in search of a new home for my people. The overlords are mighty creatures and rule Minos with an cruel talon and the males of my kind are enslaved and killed with little or no provocation. We are creatures of the night and are forced to share the submorphian caverns with them to escape the blinding inferno of the fireball in the heavens. As long as we live with them, we are in their power, I thought that if I could find another place for us, we could be free. When I learned you were a Goddess, I first thought that you could tell me where we could go, but 23 told me you weren 't that kind of Goddess. He told me that you are the Goddess of vengeance and then he explained to me that you were exactly what my people needed. He also pointed out to me that you had no doubt appeared here at this place and at this time so that I would encounter you. If you wanted me to encounter you, you no doubt wanted me to ask for your help and that if you wanted me to ask for your help, you no doubt intended to give it.”
Jayna eyed 23 and said, “He told you all that?...

... middle of paper ...

...h the Witch.”
Jayna felt compelled to do as Fanna asked, if things did go awry with witch, she would be responsible.
“Tell 23 how we can find you and we 'll come.”
“It is close to sunrise, I must find a place to hide my eyes from the cruel sun, I won 't be able to go until sundown.”
The first rays of light where indeed creeping over the horizon. Jayna remembered something she had seen in her backpack and retrieved a pair of wraparound sunglasses from it. She placed them over Fanna 's eyes.
“Let 's see if that helps, if not we 'll find a place for you to hide out until sundown.”
Fanna for the first time in her life watched the sunrise, it hurt her eyes, but only a little, thanks to the gift from the Goddess. She told 23 which way to go and promised someone would come back at night to make sure they stayed on the right path, then she took to the air and headed for home.

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