The Day Of My Family Essay

The Day Of My Family Essay

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There is a strong aroma of turkey cooking slowly, brownish gravy bubbling in the pot, and just a hint of sweet, savory cranberry sauce filling the air. All these smells gathering together is causing an overpowering feeling of hunger. The kitchen is filled with activity as my mother and father move throughout the kitchen as if they were racing against the clock. I, along with my two sisters are found in the dining room setting up the big, darkly stained dining room table with the fine china plates that we only use once a year. You know, the ones with the intricate designs of flowers wrapping around each other, etched around the entirety of each individual glass, plate, and dish. It is Thanksgiving morning in my house and every year it starts just like this.
Thanksgiving is like no other day in my family because of the yearly traditions that my mother has always enforced in our household. It is November 27th, Thanksgiving Day, a cool day outside where one could get by wearing jeans and a sweater if they wanted. My two siblings and I are searching the closet for the sea of forks...

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