David Emile Durkheim 's View On Religion Essay

David Emile Durkheim 's View On Religion Essay

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David Émile Durkheim’s projections in regards to religion was essentially that as society expanded, the need for people to attend organized religion would diminish and become something less societal and more individual. This forecast could not be further from the truth as today, religion in general has grown substantially, with an emphasis on the Muslim religion. The increase in the numbers of people of all ethnicities as practicing Muslims has driven the religion into developing into the second largest religious conviction worldwide. The Muslim religious principle remains one that emphasizes societal unity as a whole and harmony of how their people worship collectively, producing greater relationships from within. According to Durkheim it was the need of the individual to connect with others that created the need for organized religion. However, according to the Muslim faith it is the unity of worship that makes that bond stronger. The organization of the five pillars of the Muslim religion strengthens the vows and oaths contained in the Koran and Sunnah, that each Muslim is required to humble his/herself to completely, did not weaken the need for organized religion as Durkheim had predicted in his studies of religion (Answers to Your Questions about Islam, n.d.).
The social control of the Muslim devotion is directly correlated to the combination of blending religion and state as one, bringing the focus of their faith to be all encompassing in their everyday lives. The adherence to the laws of the Koran and the Sunnah are the most significant aspects of every fragment of each Muslim’s life, from how they perform business to the regimen of when, where and how prayer is conducted daily. Allah’s laws are more imperative th...

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...ith all religions and all the while they will be looking to spread the word of Allah to each and every one that they come in contact with.
While researching for this assignment I have gotten a greater insight into a religion that I had no real idea about. The fear that most feel for those who are different than us subsides when we educate ourselves about it. I stand witness to this as I work with a devout Muslim named Azeem. He always looks for an opportunity to quote to me personally from the Koran and the other wisdoms of his religion. I cherish the conviction he has for his religion, and that he has always respected that I am not a Muslim. Although I am interested in what he has to offer in as much as his support of, for my part, being an above average quality person. His advancement of peace, even in the utmost challenging situation is admirable quality.

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