Data Input, Output and Storage

Data Input, Output and Storage

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Printed questionnaires – Depending on the type of questionnaires some form of optical data

reading dives would be the best method. An OMR or Optical Mark Reader can be used in

conjunction with special paper called mark sense form in order to easily input data from

questionnaires where people just simply mark their answer from an already defined set of

answers to a question. Another type of optical data reading that can be used with questionnaires

is called OCR or optical character reader. This type of data input can be used when the answers

to questions are hand written. According to the Data Identification Systems website (Data

Identification, 2003) OCR is a much faster form of data input then keystroke data entry, not only

is it faster but it is also generally more reliable and more efficient.

Telephone survey – The best way to input data from a telephone survey would be through the

use of voice recognition devices. Voice recognition devices are used to record and convert

speech into text using special software.

Bank Checks – The best method of data input for bank checks is to use what is called MICR or

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. In this method characters are printed on check using

specialized ink or toner which a sorter or scanner can then read by the inks magnetic signal.

Retail Tags – The best method of data input for retail tags in through the use of Bar Coding. Bar

coding is the method in which merchandise information is printed onto a tag or the item itself

using a bar code. This bar code can then be read later by using a bar code scanner that turns the

bar code into readable text such as the items type, name, price, or product number. This method

is a great way to keep track of inventory and inventory sales.

Long Documents – The best method of data input for long documents are through the use of

scanners. A scanner is used to make digital photo copies of paper documents which can then be

stored, sent, or read in many different file types such as a .pdf format. This method greatly

reduces the time it would take for a person to manually type all the information using a keyboard

as well as reducing the storage space it would take to store the paper documents.


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Related Searches">OUTPUT METHODS:

Hand held computer – The best data output method for a hand held computer would be visual

output such as text or low end graphics on an LCD screen. LCD which stands for liquid crystal

display is ideal for hand held computers and helps to make their small size possible. Hand held

computers are not powerful as laptop or desktop computers so most output should be in the form

of text and simple graphics.

Color Photograph – The best method of output for a color photograph would be through a high

resolution printer using special photo paper. This method can be used to reproduce color

photographs of different dimensions. A lot of printers now have the capability to print pictures

stored on digital cameras or memory sticks that connect directly into the printer bypassing the

computer altogether and reproduce quality color photograph reproductions of the original


Resume – The best output method of a resume would be as text either printed onto paper as a

hardcopy or as a document attachment in an email. There is little or no need for graphics in a

resume so simple text would be the preferred output. Since resumes are usually sent to multiple

businesses they can be printed rather quickly or sent by email even quicker to multiple places at

one time.

Memorandum – Memorandums are usually very small in size and should be output as text in

the form of an email or a type of instant message system. Printing of a memorandum would be

suitable also but only if where to posted in a space visible to all the people who needed to see it.

Printing off one copy for one person or multiple copies for each individual person would be a

waste of time and money. Email or an instant message would be the preferred way of sending out

a memorandum as it is the quickest and least expensive way of getting your message to who it

needs to go to.

Statistical report – Depending on the kind of statistics a printer or plotter would be the best to

use. A plotter would be best to use if the statistical reports contains any drawings or any detailed

graphics. Also a plotter can be used to make transparencies that can be used on overhead

projectors which is useful when presenting them to large groups of people where make each

individual a copy would be to time consuming or expensive to do.

Company annual report – The best output method for a company annual report would be a

printer or viewed as text on a intranet web page. Both of these output methods provide an

efficient way for the viewing the report. Printed versions could be passed out to individuals or a

page on the companies intranet could be used for one spot easy viewing by those who want/need

to see it .


Hard Disk – Hard Disk are used in order to readily store information that needs to be accessed

frequently and quickly. Hard Disk comes with multiple storage capacities in order to fit the needs

of the individual. Hard disks are also beneficial when stored information is constantly changing

as hard disks have the ability of erasing or changing the existing data that is recorded on it.

Floppy Disk - Floppy disk are small portable magnetic storage devices with a relatively small

storage capacity about 1.44MB. A floppy disk is mainly used to transport small files(usually text

documents) from one computer to another. Floppy disk are also sometimes used as installation

disk for some hardware and contain information such as hardware drivers or boot files for a hard

disk or operating system.

RAM – RAM or Random Access Memory is devices that temporarily stores data from a hard

disk that the Computer’s CPU needs access frequently. The University of Indiana’s University

Information Technology Services (U. of Indiana, 2007) says that the more RAM a computer has

then the faster it will function as it reduces the number of times that a CPU must read data from a

hard disk because RAM is faster then a hard disk.

CD ROM – A CD-ROM or Compact Disk-Read Only Memory is a type of optical disk is which

data can be written on and stored for later use. The most common applications for CD-ROM’s is

the storage of music files, installation disk for hardware/software, storage of digital pictures.

Tape – Tape is mainly used as means of backing up data written on hard disk or data stored in

databases in case of disasters such as hard disk failure, fires, or floods. Tapes are reusable so they

are often less expensive to use then other disk storage and can store a rather large amount of


Flash/Jump Drive – Flash or Jump drives (Lakeland, 2008) are small flash memory dives that

connect via a USB connection. Flash drives can hold from 64MB to up to about 2 GIG of data.

These storage devices are used to transfer data from one computer to another. Like floppy disk

they can be rewritten over and over again but they have the ability to hold a lot more data and are

faster then a floppy drive.


RAM – RAM as stated before increases computer speed by decreasing the amount of times a

CPU needs to access a hard disk for data. RAM does this by temporarily storing data needed by

CPU for easier and faster access. RAM also is faster then a hard disk and has a faster data

transfer rate making the computer able to perform functions faster.

Clock Speed – The clock speed usually measured in MHz or GHz and is the number of

electronic pulses generated by an oscillator of the CPU. Basically the more pulses a second the

faster the CPU and the more instructions a cpu can complete per cycle.

Data on Hard Disk – Computer speed is also affected by the data on a hard disk. The more data

there is on a disk then the longer it will take for the CPU to find and execute the instructions

associated with that data. Fragmentation of data stored on the hard disk will also affect the speed

of a computer. Fragmentation happens when data is broken down into smaller pieces and stored

in different places throughout the hard disk instead of being stored all together in one continuous

spot. This happens usually over time as data is rewritten, erased, or added to a hard disk.

Data on CD ROM – Data on a CD ROM affects the speed in much the same way as a hard disk

does as the more data it contains then the longer it takes. Speed of computer is also affected in

that the computer can only read/write as fast as the CD-ROM device drive will allow it.

Data on Floppy Disk – Data on a floppy disk affects the speed of a computer the same way as

CD-ROM does. As the computer will only read /write as fast as the disk or the disk device will

allow it.
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