The Dangers Of Alcohol And Addiction Essay

The Dangers Of Alcohol And Addiction Essay

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Growing up, my parents and educators mostly shaped my perceptions about drugs and addictions. I was always told to stay away from them and never try them as to not put myself in danger of a potential overdose, death, or addiction. My mother always stressed the fact that I needed to be careful when and if ever, I decided to partake in drinking. This was because both my grandfather on my mother 's side of the family and several of my aunt and uncles along with my father had issues with alcoholism. Growing up in a household with a father who was an alcoholic certainly helped to shape my perception of alcohol and other potentially addicting substances. While I think drinking is moderation, I also believe that there is a time and a place to have a drink or two. I believe it is okay to have a drink during dinner or when you are out with friends or in a few other social situations. It becomes in issue when the person consuming the alcohol drinks when he or she is bored, alone, before work, at 7 o 'clock in the morning or any other non social situation. My parents didn 't really sh...

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