The Dakota Access Pipeline ( Dapl ) Essay

The Dakota Access Pipeline ( Dapl ) Essay

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In the past year, there have been many reports of violence, injury, and sickness to the protesters of Standing Rock. The lands that these Native Americans are defending are special to them in a way that mirrors our own respect for our homes and families. The unfair treatment of these peaceful protesters has gone too far. There have been a multitude of reported cases where protesters have been beaten, maced, sprayed by water jets, trampled, and shot at. Brutality is an ugly thing, and there has been more than enough of it to say that it is time to stop. The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) is an affront to the Native American beliefs and its construction should be stopped. The arising conflict with the DAPL is a religious issue that should be recognized as a crime against morality and human ethics.
The issue on the Dakota Access Pipeline is a religious issue because the Native Americans are defending land that is sacred to them in ways that are much more significant than the control of territory. Native Americans both from the Standing Rock area and beyond along with U.S. citizens have taken up protest against the corporation and private security forces because they believe that they are defending a sacred land in the name of the Native American religion. According to a report by the GreenMedInfo, a scientific research site, there has been a massive movement of people from all over the nation that have been pouring into the protesting to stand by Native Americans. “There are now thousands of people camped out at Standing Rock, including international supporters and representatives from hundreds of Indigenous tribes across the North American continent. These water protectors are engaging in daily peaceful, prayerful, non-violent act...

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...thods of resource collection can potentially harm the environment and contaminate local water supplies and even cause earthquakes. Fracking is a large factor in why Native Americans are protesting the DAPL construction. The DAPL is threatening to harm and destroy and that is sacred to the Native American religions. CEO of ETE, Kelcy Warren, is in control of the DAPL construction and is worth billions of dollars all by himself. This company seeks to build the DAPL with only the consideration of monetary profit gains as a factor. President-Elect, Donald Trump has been known to sponsor ETE and other companies managing the construction of the DAPL and is not likely to take in interest in backing the protesters of Standing Rock. With President Obama’s term at an end and Donald Trump backing the DAPL, it is not likely to see the government aiding the protesters in any way.

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