Current Treatment Plan For Patients With Terminally Ill Patients And Their Family Members

Current Treatment Plan For Patients With Terminally Ill Patients And Their Family Members

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End of life can be completely difficult to cope with, but is a part of everyday life. End of
life pertains to the last days of a patient’s life, which means that end of life requires many
important decisions such as medical treatment and knowing when to terminate life support. So
planning end of life can be extremely difficult for the patient and their family members. They
will have to make the decision on where the patient want to spend their last days, treatments
they wish to have and not to mention their goals of care. This topic is truly important because not
many individuals realize what comes with dealing with end of life care.

However, when it comes to medical treatments the patient must decide whether or not
they would like to continue their current treatment plan. With terminally ill patients, their illness
only stabilizes, but continues to progress. This means that the patient has spent countless nights
in and out of the hospital. As the patient finally determines to stop having medical treatments, is
when the patient will begin to plan their end of life care....

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