The Current State Of The Workforce Essay

The Current State Of The Workforce Essay

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The current state of the workforce is that millennials are now entering the workplace in record numbers. This creates a dilemma because the Baby Boomers are not necessarily retiring at the given time. The baby Boomers is not concerned with retirement at age 65. In fact, age 85 is the new 65. The result is that 60-year-olds are working alongside 20-yearolds and because the difference in their formative experiences, this have led to generational misconceptions and have help to create tension and hostility within the workforce.
Based on the survey conducted, my analysis of existing peer reviewed articles written on this there is apparent a number of areas that are sources of conflict between both groups. Understanding these issues is valued because the millennials are now entering the workforce in greater numbers. (Johnson, M., 2015) describes them as the most ethnically diverse, the most racially accepting and the most likely to have tattoos.
The first consideration for management is that Millennial Generation is relatively new to the work force and have upbringing that is entirely different from the baby boomers. This generation was born during a period where the access to information is available at one fingertip and can access these with relative ease. Santiago, T (2015) described the millennials as immersed in the technological connectivity. Often businesses that sought to create restrictions or limits on internet usage will help to create and foster more tension. This attitude is the polar appositive for the baby boomers, who appreciates the value of the internet, does not find a compelling need to be always connected. This difference, which on the surface seems insignificant have become a source of conflict. Educating both g...

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...g how the cultural experience of both groups influences their behavior. In addition, the research hopes to find things that are common to both groups and utilize these to create a successful relationship. From the survey I conducted, the first three questions related to demographics, when separated by generation forty percent self-identified as Baby boomers, fifty percent generation Y and five percent others.
Questions relating to computer skills ninety percent of the millennial ranked themselves as highly skilled, while the baby boomers rank was 75 percentile. The questionnaire also addressed the need for internet availability, and particularly social media in the work environment and overwhelming with a percentage score of 100 the Millennials thought this was a necessity, the baby boomers saw the need but with restrictions, with a percentage score of sixty five.

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