Essay about The Current First Past The Post ( Fptp )

Essay about The Current First Past The Post ( Fptp )

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The current ‘First Past the Post (FPTP)’ system within Canada has many benefits, as it allows the government to pass bills with ease, if they have a majority government (majority of seats); however, a majority of Canadian citizens each election are disappointed with the result, and/or feel like their vote did not matter. The reason behind all the concern within Canada, post election is that the seats needed to make a majority, can be acquired without having a majority of the populace within the riding. An example of this is in the 2011 election, Stephen Harper of the Conservatives, won the General election with only 39% of the total votes cast . The FPTP system has favored the Conservatives, and the Liberals, allowing them to have monopolized the Canadian elections in the past hundred years . There are numerous alternatives to FPTP, including: ranked ballots, and proportional representation (PR). Canada is quite possibly overdue for a reform of the political election system; however, jumping to proportional representation isn’t necessarily the best choice. Changes can be made to the current political system, while Trudeau’s research committee studies alternative electoral systems, changes that can be implanted are as follow: mandatory voting, longer voting hours, early voting, as well as online voting. These changes, especially the mandatory voting could reduce the concern that many Canadians feel.
A strong, stable, democratic government is something that many people hope for within their country, yet they will never get to see this, as their country is too fragile to execute a fair election, due to the corruption, violence, economic disparity, or illiteracy. Canadians take their democratic rights for granted; one such way they do...

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...’t come out of the blue, as many more people have been voicing their opinions daily, on why we need a new political election system. The committee appointed by Trudeau, is working briskly on finding the next system that Canada will adopt in early 2018, as Trudeau promised that 18 months after being elected Prime Minster, that we the citizens of Canada would know the next direction of where our political system is going. This promise of change could also include: mandatory voting, online voting, and earlier voting; however, the big change that Canada is waiting to hear about is; whether we get, Ranked Ballots, Proportional Representation, or a modified version of our current FPTP system. Canada is in need of electoral reform, and we the people of Canada know this. Justin Trudeau has started the change for the better, and we hope dearly, that he is our man for change.

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