The Current American Economy Is A Multifaceted And Dynamic Machine That Delegates Who Succeeds

The Current American Economy Is A Multifaceted And Dynamic Machine That Delegates Who Succeeds

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The current American economy is a multifaceted and dynamic machine that delegates who succeeds and who does not; its decline intensifying the effects it has on the people that are subject to it. Rob Larson has given insight as to what issues face this economy and appeals to the way we think, making use of ethos, pathos, and logos. The appeal of ethos is soundly used by Larson in explaining that many American’s employ themselves into multiple jobs as result of less and less full-time working existing. The author goes further and appeals to logos, using statistics to further his ideas on senior citizen re-entering the workforce as result of mediocre retirement benefits. Larson makes another appeal, this time, using pathos to describe the hidden side effects that increased workloads can have on women, namely mothers, that come about with a failing economy. Rob Larson in his book, Bleakonomics, uses appeals to ethos, logos, and pathos while remaining logically sound and just while doing so, as proven by the sources he uses as well as other outside sources.
Rob Larson applies to ethos in attempt to convince the audience of the eroding effects of having multiple jobs in order to make ends meet. Rob Larson states in his book, Bleakonomics, “One possible strategy for dealing with lower-paying jobs is to work more of them… Picking up extra shifts in a spare job has been the most natural reaction to wage stagnation, although not the only one.” Larson (135). The author makes this statement and remains fair in his assessment because he is an economist and has a background in working with such subjects. He remains further supported because of his use of reputable sources from various backgrounds. Larson uses statements from Juliet Schor, wri...

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... an emotion and outrage in a society that values something so tender as a mother’s care toward her child.
Rob Larson makes argument in his book, Bleakonomics, using ethos, logos, and pathos to adequately and logically persuade his audience of his position on the American economy and its effects on the society that make use of it, as supported by further research. Ethos is used to show that people have begun to take more than one job as a means to remain financially stable. Logos follows closely with the use of statistics to illustrate the negative impacts this economy has begun to have on older generations. Pathos is then used to show us that the economy affects family dynamics between mothers and their children more than first thought. Larson makes legitimate points without obstruction and effectively conveys ideas about the economy’s effect on the American people.

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