Culture And Its Impact On Western Culture

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Culture, a word almost everyone hears whenever there is sociological discussion that transcends various formats ranging from scholarly articles to local news station broadcasts. Culture contains a myriad of definitions depending on the perspective and lenses which are used to view it. Since it is a difficult concept to grasp at first, we do not realize the true scale of culture and its responsibility in dictating many actions within our daily lives. Different cultures are found all throughout the world, from the ever increasing western culture to smaller tribal cultures such as the wintu in California (“Vanishing Voices”). What must be taken into account is the fact that culture is heavily intertwined within society, since they both interact with each other in some way. As a result of this intimate relationship regional culture becomes susceptible to influence from other dominant and prevailing culture. Westernization is the process in which regional or local cultures become heavily influenced by western culture and society, which in turn leads to cultural homogeneity. Many countries all over the world are affected by westernization, including India which is a land of very deep cultural roots. This raises the question of how can the process westernization affect the rich Indian culture? With India’s increasing modernization it has been difficult to ward off the effects of westernization. Westernization has the power to bring about many positive as well as negative changes in a society. In the case of India it’s culture it has been negatively affected through the adoption of western centric ideologies, which have led to a rapid loss of rich Indian culture. Some notable effects of westernization in India are its adoption... ... middle of paper ... ...ltural reinforcements such as Bollywood in India. Bollywood is the Indian spinoff of America’s Hollywood and has taken the fundamentals of western cinema and used them to reinforce Indian culture through films that reach the masses. Other countries have begun to incorporate local cultural reinforcement as it has been viewed as an effective method of preserving culture. In summation westernization has negatively impacted India and it’s culture and while some beneficial societal changes have been brought about by westernization, India continues to struggle against the rapid loss of culture due to increased societal and cultural emphasis on western culture and society. The important lesson to be learned from this phenomena is that all cultures must be preserved, not only for the sake of studies but for our societal and cultural understanding and educational growth.
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