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Cultural concepts are the outline of life. These concepts work with and complement each other. There are sayings such as “you are what you eat” and “you’re a product of your environment” These sayings only hold true if you believe you were put on earth to serve a purpose. There are some that believe your design for life has already been made and there are those that choose to believe the outcome of your life is what you make of it. Every choice you make redesigns your life’s path. I choose to believe in the saying “life is what you make it”.
After reading each meaning I can understand why I choose to make the decisions I make on a daily basis. Material Culture is the man-made possessions in society, such as our cars, computers, and cell phones. Society has rapidly adapted to the technology we have access to. Not too long ago we were without the internet and cell phones. Today most of us would turn our vehicles around if we forgot our cell phones at home. One can say that nonmaterial culture is taught to us as a part of growing up. We watch our parents or caregiver...

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