The Cultural Landscape of Detroit, Michigan Essay

The Cultural Landscape of Detroit, Michigan Essay

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A culture is a group of people with common belief systems, norms and values. the culture of Detroit itself could be considered a popular culture that is diffused mostly through word of mouth and media sources. Cultural landscapes provide a sense of place and identity; they map our relationship with the land over time and they are a part of our national heritage and each citizens life. A cultural landscape can be referred to as a site associated with a significant event, activity, person or group of people. According to the text, the cultural landscape is the visible imprint of human activity on the landscape. The human imprint of the land is any way that people have interacted to the land and changed and shaped the surrounding environment. This includes buildings, signs, fences and statues. They can also be grand estates, historic architecture , public gardens and parks, college campuses, cemeteries, scenic highways, and industrial sites. These things as well as the overall landscape of these things collaboratively reflects the culture of the inhabitants. The cultural landscape can identify the inhabited society as being in a state of placelessness or it could clearly detail the uniqueness of the place.
The cultural landscape of Detroit, Michigan is that of a city of beautifully declined ruins of de-industrialization as well as a hub for gentrification and new development. This has been made evident by the state in which the city was left in by migrants out of the city as well as the upkeep-- or the lack thereof-- of current residents. The text details how different aspects of cultural landscape begin to merge together in the creating three distinctive dimensions. These dimensions include: particular architectural forms and plan...

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...-- the last site; the International Riverfront can be viewed solely as rebirth. The Detroit International Riverfront is a tourist attraction and landmark of Detroit, Michigan extending from the Ambassador Bridge in the west to Belle Isle in the east.The International Riverfront consists of a cruise ship passenger terminal and dock, a marina. This is a prime example of how inhabitants as well as outsiders have altered the land to promote the rebirthing of a cultural landscape.
A city that has been stripped of it’s identity and rebuilt by more than one cultural with additional cultural landscapes. The resilience of the citizens here, despite all we’ve endured, is one testament to black civilization and oppressed peoples everywhere. Detroit uniquely is undergoing a state of deindustrialization as well as rebirth, this generates an ever more unique cultural landscape.

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