Essay The Cultural Heritage Of Brazil

Essay The Cultural Heritage Of Brazil

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My cultural heritage is rather interesting to some people. My dad is Brazilian. His mother is an indigenous woman from the Desana tribe in Brazil. His father is Afro-Brazilian meaning he is Brazilian with African ancestry. My mom is Korean with her parents being Korean also. With this makes me Brazilian and Korean. I have learned about both cultures and I belong to those ethnic groups. I am also from Florida and I identify with being a Christian for the most part. For myself I am a southern multiracial male in the United States of America.
Brazil is the largest country in South America. The people who inhabit there are called Brazilians but are made up of different ethnic backgrounds, much like the United States. There was a large diaspora after 1985 due to the fact that Brazil was under military dictatorship from around 1964 to 1985. The Armed forces, which was supported by the U.S., overthrew vice president then turned President Joao Goulart. The military leaders accused Joao of being a communist and Joao flees into exile. Through Brazil was under a dictatorship of the military, which was supported by the United States government, the people also experienced economic growth as well. The growth though was based almost entirely on state ownership. It was under the military rule that Brazil allowed elections again in the 70 's by General Ernesto Geisel. It was in 1984 That Brazil elected its first civilian president but he later died so his vice president took over and then the country went on an economic downturn. As a whole little is known about Brazilians historically in the U.S. because most of the Brazilians that came to the United States was during the diaspora between 1985-1994 when the country has severe inflation proble...

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... him the ropes and helping him get through college, he would 've got chewed up and spit out by American. Speaking of names a lot of people from Asia have American names because their Asian names are hard to pronounce with the American accent. My full name is William Juan-Carlos Armando Soo Hao Clarence Stinson, for most things it’s just English names that are used. Portuguese is used a lot in my home though I cannot speak it fluently. My mom teaches the family Korean to share her culture as well. My mom also knows Japanese and Chinese. My dad is fluent in Spanish also. Knowing these things makes me proud to be of Brazilian and Korean heritage. The juxtaposition in bringing the two together is sometimes very creative. Looking back I realize that my mom is very artistic and in tune with the arts while my father is very athletic with both of them being very intelligent.

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