The Cultural Aspects Of Communication Essay

The Cultural Aspects Of Communication Essay

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Written response to Gladwell reading

Part 1: Using complete sentences and paragraphs, respond to the Gladwell article. Use the following questions to help you create your response.

Do you agree or disagree with Gladwell’s assertion that cultural aspects of communication play a critical role in some industries? Explain why, using readings, research, and/or your own experience to support your argument.

Explore how the cultural aspects of communication might affect software engineering. Think about all of the different tasks involved in creating software, as well as the large number of globally and culturally diverse software teams.

I agree with Gladwell 's assertion that cultural aspects of communication plays a critical role in some industries. The contrasting examples presented in Gladwell 's article, clearly displayed the need of understanding of the cultural background of the people with whom you are communicating with. This understanding should not be just limited to one-way communicating your message to them, but it also includes, enabling the culturally different person to communicate his or her message back to you too.
In the current world, where people around the world, collaborate together, communicate becomes essential. We should try to learn about other cultures to understand about the people who we are going to work with. Sticking to known stereotypes and personal assumptions never helps the group. We should try to form a generalization about people from other culture through our own experience but at the same time understand that it might need not be true for everyone from that culture.
Gladwell 's example of Saipan crash displayed the need of cultural understanding. In Saipan crash, David Costa, the first offic...

... middle of paper ... related to my manager. Since I was the junior most in the hierarchy of the team. I was afraid to present it in front of my manager so I ended up creating a hypothetical scenario and the word “Manager” was replaced by “Senior”. The result was that after the presentation, my manager had no clue that I was suggesting something to him.

What role, if any, did culture play in your answer to the in-class exercise? If culture did influence your answers, which aspects of culture? (If we have not yet done the in-class exercise on designing the nuclear power point, skip this question in your response.)

Be sure to refer to the written assignment rubric. Make sure to cite your sources. There are several readings you’ve done that can help with this assignment. There is also a wealth of information online about Hofstede’s cultural dimensions (including power distance index).

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