Critique of Olaf Breuning's Art Exhibition "Small Brain Big Stomach" Essays

Critique of Olaf Breuning's Art Exhibition "Small Brain Big Stomach" Essays

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Olaf Breuning is a Swiss-born artist now living in New York. His exhibition “Small Brain Big Stomach” consist of wall drawings and wood sculptures. The wall drawings are done in broad, black lines painted directly on the walls. The wooden sculptures are painted black and appear as three dimensional drawings. The imagery of these works is cartoonish, childlike, simple and one dimensional. As one walks into the gallery, it feels like one enters a funhouse filled with black and white wall drawings and sculptures.
As one enters the gallery, one experiences the fun of looking at simple, painted drawings of six men on the wall talking on cell phones with letters reading “idiots” in their mouths. Across the room space, machine-like drawings as well as drawings of people dominate the walls. Different abstracted, simplified people like sculptures as well as machine like sculptures are spread across the floor. This reminds of a childlike setting where everything is just spread across the room instead of being carefully organized. The second room is also organized in the same manner with some...

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