Essay about Critical Literacy and Pedagogy

Essay about Critical Literacy and Pedagogy

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In this time where we receive knowledge different then anytime before, the question of how we should interact with it should not be just raised, but emphasized on. In this new flat fast world that we get our knowledge through, critical literacy is a valuable tool and ability that should be recalled and available for all readers. More specific, it should be transferred by teachers to students in all educational environment. It is an important ability for students to have towards texts. And redefining texts to any devices or materials that we are getting the knowledge from, is the first step toward understanding critical literacy. Beside how critical literacy spreads the awareness of looking at texts in their social and cultural context, it is very significant to be negotiated in the very beginning of this interaction with knowledge, schooling and education. The substance of critical literacy is in its effects in empowering the readers, in our case the students, despite their different identities and differences. It educates them to recognize the power that hides behind all these different types of sources. Furthermore, critical literacy is very beneficial when we discuss essential issues such as, justice, power and freedom and their appearances in the classroom. Then, it becomes an integration that results in a precise concept, which is critical pedagogy. As an opening of these questions, what critical literacy could mean and especially its relationships with education and the teachers obligations of understanding and transferring it is what this paper look to indicate to.
Asking the question of who has the right to define the critical literacy is a key to demonstrate the critical literacy itself. It is one of the first obligation...

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