Criteria for a Student-Centered Exam Essay

Criteria for a Student-Centered Exam Essay

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PLAN: Criteria for a Student-Centered Exam
For PDSA cycle I chose to use data notebooks during the Fitnessgram testing. I chose these because they are engaging, interactive, and they promote sharing, trusting, teambuilding, reflection, and coaching. (Pitas, 2000) In physical education I am always looking for ways for students to reflect on their exercise habits in and set goals for their future. I want to educate students to be healthy for a lifetime and what better way than for them to tract their own exercise and reflect on how it’s working. They would be sharing their beliefs with me along with their goals. They would trust me to help them achieve their goals as well as their personal information on how they want to portray themselves physically. They would also reflect their own opinions on the class and help me devise strategies that would help them reach their goals and allow me to adapt my teaching to better serve them. I think the idea of using data notebooks to tract their growth and reflections is a great idea especially in my classroom setting.
PLAN: Student-Centered Assessment
For my student-centered assessment I chose to use something that I have never done before but our administration wants us to use which are data notebooks. Every day this week I had the students answer a question so they could self-reflect on the unit. After the closure of the lesson I had students go change out and write about the topic on the white board. My questions included:
1. What can I (the teacher) do to improve your PACER score?
2. What is the most difficult fitness test and what I can do to make it easier?
3. What are my goals for next Fitnessgram test? How can I achieve them?
4. What activities outside of school can help...

... middle of paper ...

...eflect deeper. Overall I really thought these data notebooks was a great asset for my students and me. I got a lot of useful feedback on my teaching and activities that I have taught. I can make changes for the second semester to help maximize their success in their fitness goals. I know as a teacher it’s always a great feeling knowing you are making an impact on student’s lives and I got to read exactly how I was doing it. I just hope I can make them successful in their goals.

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