Criminal Justice System And Its Relationship Essay

Criminal Justice System And Its Relationship Essay

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Vanessa Lozano
The Criminal Justice System and its Relationship to Victims
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Dr. Brooks

The Criminal Justice System and its Relationship to Victims
Over the years, crime victims all over the United States have relentlessly been working hard to successfully increase the participation of victims in the criminal justice system. No one in their life expects to be victimized, or would freely choose to enter into the wrath of the complex justice system this nation has. As time has gone on though, people have come to terms with the fact that in one way or another, they or someone they know could possibly be affected by crime at some point. According to an archive from the Office for Victims of Crime, it was learned that there are currently only 14 states who have passed constitutional amendments that assure victims the right to be present and heard. The establishment of these constitutional amendments allows any threat to victims losing their right to be heard, to be eliminated (Office for Victims of Crime, n.d, p. 1). A key finding that was listed in the archive was that with the passing of these amendments, national policies can then be established in order to elevate victims to their rightful position as viable participants in all of the criminal justice stages (p.1). It is interesting to learn how there are states who have not passed constitutional amendments yet, because the drafting of national policies can ensure that victims have an active and powerful voice in the disposition of criminal cases.
When it comes to measuring crime, conducted research, surveys, and police reports are some data sources that can help people remain alert to the effects of crime and learn about the needs of victims. The Offic...

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...with new needs of civil liberties available to them, and there’s always room for improvement when it comes to ensuring crime victims’ rights.
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