Crime Myths And The Criminal Justice System Essay

Crime Myths And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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“Crime myths are powerful constructions of reality because they speak to our personal values and beliefs and are steeped in rich symbolism, which reinforces those values and belief.” (Kappeler & Potter, 2004) Crime myths are created when a series of fictional events that are later altered so that they become social and political problems. The media plays a major role in the creation of crime myths they broadcast images and videos to go along with the crime myths, they also use social context that play on humans thought on the community seeing it as unsafe. Myths also contain some measure of economic conditions that then cause reactions by politicians to create new laws to prevent these myths from becoming major problems in the criminal justice system. (K&P, 2004) In order for a statement to be characterized as a crime myth, if the crimes instill fear and threaten the vast majority of society. (K&P,2004) Crime myths are made up of components that targets and identify of a distinct deviant population, they involve innocent and helpless victims, the emergence of brave and virtuous hearos ,comes as a threat to peoples established norms, values, or traditional lifestyles.
In the movie “Boyz N The Hood” young African American males Tre, Chris, Ricky and Darrian, being half-brothers, face the hardships of being raised Crenshaw, California a predominantly poor neighborhood also known as ghetto neighborhood. Two of the boys Chris and Darrian receive a criminal record early on in their childhood because they were caught stealing from the store; later on one of the two boys Darrian joins a well- known gang leading to a life of crime. The other Chris ends up getting shot and has to spend the rest of his life confined to a wheelchair. Ricky ...

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...violence in their neighborhood. Even though they all came from similar backgrounds they faced different outcomes some that were bad others that were good. For instance Darrian after being arrested at an early age he proceed to join a gang and became a habitual offender even in his adult years and committed more serious crimes. Not only did he conform to the myth he also conformed to statistics that surround young black males such as 1 and 3 African American males will be expected to go prison. ( DuVerney, 2016) He also causes greater family conflict with his family when his brother was shot by a rival gang.
Every crime myth comes with consequences some of the consequence are beneficial to society, other consequences harms the community more than it helps. Some of the bad consequences are that they painting images for the public and creating criminal stereotype.

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