Essay on Crime Diversion Scheme Run At Coldingley Prison

Essay on Crime Diversion Scheme Run At Coldingley Prison

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Many young people who are involved in anti-social behavior fail to apply consequential thinking or victim empathy to their actions or behavior. This group can be very calculating in their actions, however, fail to give any consideration to what if which seem to be very low on their list of concerns. As such, if maybe deemed appropriate to teach consequential thinking at school and from a very early age. Consequential thinking is not just applicable to youth and crime, as it is so vigorously applied today, but should be applied to the educational curriculum as soon as children are able to understand the legal definition of right and wrong. The age of criminal responsibility in England and Wales is 10 years old, and as such consequential thinking can be taught at this age. Further, to this there are many programs which discourage criminal behavior such as KeepOut Crime Diversion scheme run at Coldingley prison. KeepOut is a unique programme aimed at preventing youth crime. This was the first crime diversion scheme to be delivered by dedicated teams of serving prisoners. Prisoners are trained by KeepOut to run intervention programs for young people that inform, support and divert those between 13 and 17 who are either at risk of entering the criminal justice system or are already involved in criminal activity. It is often the case that many young people who have never been to prison are inclined to glorify it and view it as a ‘holiday camp. However, a visit to Coldingley will show them the harsh reality of prison life for young people who offend.

A reactive approach versus a proactive approach

It may be argued, and to a greater extent agreed, that the youth justice system, in dealing with the incidence of youth crime and a...

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...cies would demand more joined up/mufti agency working and out of the box thinking. Accordingly, the role of the social worker will be more conducive not only with reference to protecting children, but also with holistic assessment been done and family intervention been carried out which are culturally focused, and not budget driven. We have also seen social workers placed in court teams, Youth Offending Teams, secure establishments, young offender’s institutes and local authority secure children’s homes. It may be the case that in placing social workers in these services, we are best placed to begin assisting/encouraging child/young people to reach the five outcomes which were established by the Every Childs Matters and Changes for Children agendas. These outcomes were considered a necessity for well-being in childhood and later in adulthood and are as follows:

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