Creativity, Intelligence, Memory, And Learning Essay

Creativity, Intelligence, Memory, And Learning Essay

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Creativity, Intelligence, Memory, and Learning
The purpose of my writing is to “analyze the interrelation of creativity, intelligence, memory, and learning.” Accordingly, I would “describe how this interrelation can be exploited to enhance student learning outcomes.”
The way of thinking varies from one individual to another. Some individuals may feel good about something and decide to create from their own imagery. They need to feel good about it, for their minds to provide feedback about what they may resort of it. Feeling good is part of human attitude in connivance with passion, perception and acceptance. It is also the inner part of individuals, the fashion they launch themselves to create something or arrive to solving complex problems. Creativity has elements that justify individuals’ skills, such as passion and attitude. There are various examples to which real world individuals achieved successfully; by consistently determining and pursuing their passion inspires students with initiations that they also are capable to pursue a career in performing what they have passion with (Jackson, 2012). Being creative is linked with higher level of thinking and intelligence.
In effect, creativity also relies upon intelligence, initiation, formation, training, prior experience, and motivation. For instance, the Italian designer Gianni Versace changed the way woman and men 's dress by designing simple and complicated yet stylish clothes.
In my opinion, cognition has more effects on effectiveness. What has not been created yet would have no effects at all. Something must be present in order to consume affective aspects. Since creativity derives from cognition, one can use his cognitive ab...

... middle of paper ... due to their memory capacity of storing information. Memory is cognate with intelligence and learning. An individual with good memory retention would be more proficient in learning than an individual who experienced a brain damage or whose frontal cortex has experienced a violent disturbance. Naturally and circumstantially, individuals’ learning capacity differs from one learner to another. The difference is due to the brain storing capacity and functioning of the neural network. Some individuals are good and fast learners, and some are slow learners, but it does not mean that one category is more intelligent than the other. Generally, I would say that creativity, intelligence, memory, and learning are all related at some points. All these components are dependable to the mind-brain, and the entire system and the process resides in the individual’s frontal lobe.

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