Intelligence And Intelligence Essay

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Is Intelligence Determined by Genetics or the Environment? The word “intelligence” has no single meaning but it is universally associated with knowledge, mental capability, an amount of reasoning, judgement, and cognitive function. Throughout different eras, the idea of intelligence became an attribute that was wanted, very profitable and was looked for. With time passing, humans began to discover how and why intelligence can vary throughout different people. The question whether intelligence is determined by heredity or the environment has caused intense debates that lead many to believe it is both, but to what extent? Some argue that a person is born with a certain level of intelligence and that one can do little to improve your intelligence.…show more content…
In all of the brain research, most of it has been based off the idea on intelligence. The relationship between a person’s genetics and intelligence has been studied through looking at different parts of the brain (Plomin and Spinath). With new information coming out on the idea of intelligence, it was thought that about 60% of intelligence was genetic, while the other 40% was environmental (Plomin). In a study recently done by the University of Stanford, found that when a person who has a has a high IQ who marries a person with a high IQ, their children will tend to have higher IQ scores. The same is true for two low IQ parents, and this shows how different genes can play a role within intelligence of our children. To show that genetics does play a role within a person’s intelligence level, many scientists have done experiments on twins. Since they have the same genetics, scientists will look at their intelligence levels to see how they are the same. In most cases, identical twins had about an 86% of having similar IQ. (Adhikari) An example of the effect of genetics on intelligence is the Curie family. In our society, a person who receives a Nobel Prize can be considered to be intelligence and with great achievement. Two scientists Marie and Pierre Curie were a couple and both won a Nobel Prize. Later on, their daughter Irene Joliot Curie was also a Nobel Prize winner. The possibility of both the parents and the children winning a Nobel Prize, are close to impossible. Did Marie win her Nobel Prize because of the genetics that ran in the family, or the way that she was
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