Creative Writing: The Last Days of Earth Essay

Creative Writing: The Last Days of Earth Essay

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It was a dark, cold, cloudy day. The clouds covered the sky like a big black sheet, nothing to be seen except darkness that seemed to go on forever. This was the third day in a row that there had been complete darkness, there was no getting rid of it. This was because of ‘the meteorite.’
It was Daisy Chamberling that broke the news at her usual time, 5 o’clock. It was a horrific moment as shock was spread all over the world by this news. Usually Daisy goes on about unimportant cases but this time she was serious. That was the big moment the world changed. Although Daisy was a news caster and you would expect her to be a social woman, she wasn’t. In fact she was the complete opposite.
Daisy was a bright, intelligent 40 year old woman even though she never acted it. She was a well-brought up child until her father died and she inherited all his money. That’s when she became two-faced. She spent her money like it was going out of fashion, she would criticise other people just because they weren’t up to her standards and she was too posh. She sat in her chair, in the studio, like she was royalty, ordered people like slaves and got everything she wanted, at top notch. Daisy wanted to be the best but no-one could beat the weather girl, she was the best. Everybody loved her.
Chelsea was a smart, classy but beautiful girl that was down to earth about things in life. Chelsea had come so far in life without any family and was only 25 years old. She was laid back about things but aware of people’s needs and worldwide issues. She was brave and confident to show people she wasn’t a little girl but a fighting woman waiting for the right time to show that.
It had been three days since the terrifying news and no...

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...s atmosphere! It was on it’s way and it was coming very soon.
Daisy was hustling about the streets just like everyone else trying to help or running away from fire. Everyone was saying there last goodbyes to each other and that’s when the most vital things in life hit Daisy. She wanted to be loved, she wanted to help, she didn’t want to die alone and she had lost her only friend. Daisy sat quietly on a rock, sobbing to herself and full of guilt, she wanted Chelsea. It came as fast as lightning but slow like it was stuck or snagging on something. The meteorite was sure here. It was loud as it came storming through the darkness, it blocked out the crying and screaming of people falling to their deaths. The meteorite hit the world and it was like the ‘big bang.’ it was goodbye to Daisy, goodbye to Chelsea and goodbye to the world. It was Destruction.

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