Creative Writing: The Castle Essay

Creative Writing: The Castle Essay

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Beggining: Once upon there was a girl named Hanna, she was walking around in the city, then she founded a collar, she didn't see anyone near so she took it. At her house she saw it in detail. It was a strange collar but was beautifull, so she put it on. While she was sleeping, she was feeling like something was shining, she didn't knew it was the collar so she continued sleeping. The next day, she went to walk outside and the collar started to shine, she didn't knew why it was happening but she continued walking around. Then she saw something strange on a tree, she get near to look what was happening. She saw that a strange light was shining through the tree, then everything was dark, then she woke up in another world, different from her. They were no people, they were fairytale characters.
Rising Action: She was scared because she was the only human on that strange planet. She started to be curious and started to walk around there. Then she founded an elf named Marco. They started talking while the were getting to Marco's house. He told her that they were normal people but they were under a spell of Navi, the evil witch. She didn't have no place to stay so Marco told her that she could stay there, but Navi can't see her there or she will be turned in a elf o a fairy. She was nervous, she can't sleep well, and she woke up at 11:00 am. Marco wasn't at his house, she thought that he was doing a work or something. It was 1:00 pm and she wass very hungry, but Marco didn't came. She went to the kitchen and looked for some food, there was no food she liked, but she was so hungry so she ate that food, it was delicious, so she ate everything. She was very worry because since she woke up Marco didn't gave any signs of life, so...

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...tempt. It was very difficult, but she could pass it. Navi was very surprised because no one, including humans, elf, or fairies could pass it and surviving.
Resolution:The thing that Hanna didn't know is that if she passed it, not only Marco will be free, everyone will become humans again. She was very happy also Marco. When Marco turned again into a human he was really beautiful, he had dark eyes, and also dark hair, he was very attractive for Hanna, and also Hanna was a really beautifull lady for Marco. He was 18 years and Hanna was 16. Marco and Hanna went out the castle and when they where outside the castle collapsed and Navi died. Marco told Hanna that he has the way out of this world, he couldn't tell her before because he didn't want Hanna to lgo and leave him alone. They went to the normal world and after 3 months they married and live happy ever after.

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