Creative Writing: Love and Happiness Essay

Creative Writing: Love and Happiness Essay

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Jon let out a long needed sigh as he hopped onto the couch in Veronica’s apartment. He still didn’t return her keys, so he just decided to let himself in. He didn’t expect her to be there, since she made it very clear that she wasn’t going to be anywhere that he could normally find her. But, all her stuff was clearly there, so maybe she hadn’t even gone home since the whole thing.
He looked to his side and saw a small journal sitting on a table. He knew it would be a huge invasion of privacy if he read it, but maybe it had a clue as to where she would be. He needed to find her fast before she was completely out of his life. He picked it up and started flipping through the pages until he found the last entry. It was dated a month earlier, so he probably wouldn’t have found any valuable information. though he still found himself reading it.
I still think of him, honestly. Though this time, I find myself thinking of all the bad times, and there were a lot. But I’m trying my hardest to think of the good times because I don’t want to not love him; he’s done some really good things for me that changed my life. I mean, he was the one that encouraged me to not be ashamed of my profession. To this day, I still hear his voice every time I’m about to go out on stage. I always hear him say, “If anyone has a problem with you removing your clothes for money, then they can suck a dick. You have a very sexy body, and if you want to flaunt it, go ahead. Fuck those stuck up bitches you call your parents, and all the other snooty, primp and proper fuckers who have a problem with you being a stripper.” I miss him so much, and it hurts to know that two years from now, he probably won’t even remember me.
Anyway, it’s been exactly three weeks sinc...

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...e Cincinnati and be happy,” she said, rising from the couch. “And obviously you don’t since you wouldn’t let me leave.” By that point, she wanted to just walk away and try to forget him, but her feet stayed planted to the ground while she stared straight at him.
He sighed before raking his hands through his hair. “Fine. Go ahead. I can’t force you to stay with me, so do whatever the fuck you want,” he said before getting up from the sofa and leaving her apartment, slamming the door behind him.
Veronica stared at the door just to see if he would come back. After five minutes had passed, she realize that he was serious, and he probably wasn’t going to come back. Even though she really wanted him to come back, she hoped that he didn’t. If he did, she didn’t think she would be able to resist kissing him.
She sighed and went into her room to begin packing her things.

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