Essay on The Creationism Question

Essay on The Creationism Question

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In a historical context, creationism versus the theory of evolution has always been a hotly contested subject, one of the major breakthroughs being when Darwin publicized his theory of evolution. When Darwin published his theory of evolution in 1859, his book was considered a major technological breakthrough at that time. The seeming “proof” that a God didn’t exist created a catalyst, where creationism was replaced with an almost atheism, because the existence of evolution counteracted society’s belief in God. In the article The Evolution Controversy: Who’s Fighting with Whom about What? Ted Peters and Martinez Hewlett writes that Thomas Huxley and his grandson, Julian Huxley, saw Darwin’s theory as an explanation as to why they were atheistic, and hoped that evolutionism would replace Christianity. They also state that sociobiologist, Richard Dawkins “announces that Darwin’s theory of evolution makes it possible for him to embrace atheism” (Martinez and Huxley, 5). However, while creationism does have scientific roots, because of the negative religious connotations and state laws, one being that the government can utilize tax money to promote the teaching of evolution, but cannot use it to promote creationism. Today, while biblical design creationism has gained more precedence over intelligent design creationism, the truth is, creationism does have roots in science. Nancy Triebes outlines the argument of the correlation of the oxygen and the carbon cycle being orchestrated by God, and David Montgomery believes that fossil evidence indicates that Noah’s Flood was regional. David Shamah writes that evidence of the Big Bang Theory correlates with the creation story in Genesis. Today, the dilemma of banning discussions of creationis...

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...rects to the inquiry if, despite the technological breakthroughs of creationism, if those are merely the twisting of evidence to fit one’s one analysis, or scientific fact.

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