Essay on Creation Stories of the Universe in Different Cultures

Essay on Creation Stories of the Universe in Different Cultures

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No one is exactly sure how but the universe was created billions of years ago for some unknown reason. Every culture from around the world at one point starts to wonder where did it all come from? Who or what created the world we know today? The story of the creation of our world has been repeatedly told in a variety of religion, folklore, mythology and science as well. Although told in different languages and separate parts of the world similarities arise as all of the creation stories attempt to answer the great mystery of life “Where did we come from?” Stories of our creation of the world create a spiritual and mystical bond that unites people together. At the center of almost every culture there exist a creation myth or story that explains how world came to be. Several of these cultures where separated by geographical barriers but have somehow developed similar creation stories that involve the same basic elements.

Several of the creation stories use the basic elements of life to describe the beginning of the universe. Water is the most important resource and often is a symbol for life. Life as we know will cease to exist without water. In the article “Creation of the Universe” it is stated, “Before the creation, according to the myths of ancient Egypt, there dwelt in Nun-the primal oceanic abyss” (Edward Harrison pg.515) In Egyptian beliefs there was the Null a form of water before anything else in the universe. Also in the Sumerian culture there existed “an encircling watery abyss” referred to Apsu. There two cultures believed in there was some sort of form of water that was involved in the creation of the Universe. Aside from being essential to all life as we know it water has been use to symbolize growth. In these culture...

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...details in the creation myths vary, but either the basic outline is similar, or at least they share common elements. A creation story cannot be considered correct or incorrect because the myths are written by people who come from multiple cultures and divergent beliefs. Whoever or whatever created the Human mind designed in such a way that encourages curiosity. It does not really matter who or what created the universe we are all looking for the answer to the same question “Why are we here?”

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