Comparing Genesis, The Sky Tree And The Creation Of The Constitution

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When Europeans first arrived in America did they imagine that hidden among the trees were civilized cultures or did they think they stumbled upon forests full of savages? Unfortunately for the Native Americans the Europeans appear to have assumed the latter when the natives may have more in common with them than they thought. For Example native Americans have mythical tales that told how the earth was made that in some ways were similar to Genesis from the bible, not only that but the Iroquois for example have a similar constitution to the United States. However, both their creation stories and their constitution do vary away from the colonists.

In Genesis the creation of the Earth draws quite a few parallels with some of the Native Americans
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In Genesis chapter 1:2 God 's spirit was hovering over the surface of the waters." before God changed anything water existed on the Earth. In the sky tree it says that "In the beginning, earth was covered in water." so water had always been on Earth since the start. In the creation story in How the World Was Made it states " in the long time ago, when everything was all water" once again water was before anything else. Another way that these creation stories are similar is that the land came from beneath or was brought up above the water. In Genesis 1:9 "God said, "Let the waters under the sky be gathered together to one place, and let the dry land appear '" here God pulled the water away from some land and it became dry and livable. The Sky Tree depicts that "all of the water animals began to dive down and bring up soil... and placed the soil on Turtle 's back." this is what created the…show more content…
Both of their constitutions talked about how the government were split into three parties to balance power. From the colonists the government is divided between three branches of government "They are the legislative, judicial, and executive branches." the colonists used this system to control the flow of power by having it go through three different systems before it affected the new country. the ruling power of the Iroquois was the Mohawk council it was split "into three parties" Their system would have two parties discuss and the third would remain silent except to comment on the proceedings. Both the colonists and the Iroquois write about group that would make important decisions for the sake of the government. In the new country of the U.S. it is the supreme court if someone has been "accused of committing a federal crime has the right to a trial by jury". The Iroquois council called the Onondaga lords who are do not see a question until it has been unanimously voted through several courts. Finally a specific set of rules are in place for a foreign power to be able to join the nation. The colonists had special "rules for admitting new states to the union". The Iroquois rules are very strict about accepting foreign countries that "admission is only a temporary one should the person or
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